Illustration and menu design for a local restaurant–a must try!


A local Vietnamese restaurant, Bánh Mì Très Bon (BMTB), was in need of a new menu design to replace their existing wall display.  They were also transitioning to the traditional dining system style–previously taking orders at the front; and would need matching table menus, along with a take away version.


To portray Bánh Mì Très Bon it was important to keep this menu design cheerful and inviting, to match the quality of their charming dining experience. As this design was limited to all black I created custom illustrations of their feature dishes, to both highlight them as well as provide visual breathing space.

Please visit their website for updated pricing and menu items.



April 2018

For these menus it was important to ensure the illustrations included the exact aspects of the dish, as not many other Vietnamese restaurants include certain items such as the bone marrow in phở! To tackle this I first sketched some rough versions (sadly I could not find this in my records), and then created vector versions in Illustrator. The wall display was quite large, and would require a scalable file for production.

Custom illustrations for BMTB menus

© Delaney Lee

Custom illustrations for BMTB menus

© Delaney Lee

The final table menus are an extended version of the wall display, utilizing the front and back sides.

Final table menu

© Delaney Lee

Sadly for the take away versions, there was simply no space for the illustrations; however just enough space for all the dish item details. 

Final take away menu

© Delaney Lee