YVR Petcare is a Vancouver based pet service provider that needed a visual identity and logo for their growing brand. What began as a part-time gig while in school, became a full-time business, and the Covid-19 pandemic only pressed the issue as pet adoptions skyrocketed. 

The goal of this project was to help launch YVR Petcare into the Lower Mainland and establish a professional and friendly brand in the wake of the pandemic pup year. This was to be achieved by creating a dynamic system and clear strategy to maintain the visual identity and brand we built together.

Before the visual identity could be developed, we needed to establish a clear brand strategy and verbal system first.

This included defining YVR Petcare’s promise, personality attributes, values, qualities, mission & vision statement, tagline, value proposition, and market position. Once these were established I had a clear understanding of who I was designing for and every decision was guided by the brand strategy. 

brand strategy


Playtime for your Pack


trustworthy | friendly | outdoorsy | energetic | coach | high touch


adaptable | communicative | honest | playful | attentive | leadership | reliable



YVR Petcare’s primary logo is inspired by a close pack member, spotlighting a creature silhouette wearing a bandana that doubles as a heart.

logo objective

The main goal when designing the logo for YVR Petcare was to create a icon that would appear as an ambiguous pet (neither a cat nor dog, specifically), that was modern and friendly.

colour palette


supporting creatures


marketing photos

service coverage map

group edit time lapse

before & after

social strategy

structure by day

#MoodMonday | #TipTuesday | #WisdomWednesday | #ThankfulThursday | #FridayFreePlay | #SaturdaySpotlight | #StorytimeSunday

All the structured weekly content was built using Canva, creating custom templates that can be executed by the client.

some of the social content

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