Colourful Past. Bright Future.

For the 50th season, my team was challenged to create a visual campaign that celebrated all the Canuck colours, jerseys, and historic moments. Our objective was to honour the past, while celebrating the current young and bright future.

It was a fantastic experience, filled with many challenges and insane timelines, that offered amazing opportunities and unique projects. All works shown were designed by myself, with exception to the campaign elements below, that we determined as a team.


Delaney Lee


Campaign Development

Print Production

Social Media


2019.20 Season


Leah Browne

Max Young

Pouya Peiravi

Kailey Thirwell

Jaqueline McComb

Campaign Elements

In order to create a visual system that would be flexible throughout the entire anniversary season, our team had to ensure all the era’s could be celebrated simultaneously and as individual compostions.

The traditional colours from Canuck history looked frankly, terrible together. So a colour palette was set to mimic the era’s but work together without hurting anyone’s eyes.

season tickets

Having designed last season’s tickets, I was the project lead for the member tickets again, and established the general ticket structure and system. With a relatively new but exciting generation, the objective was to have the players as the main focus. The match-up came secondary.

To maintain consistency across all 44 tickets, without them feeling repetitive, the live area was divided into thirds allowing the flexibility to switch sides. There are 4 different possible layouts for the majority of tickets, as well as special themed versions for specific nights.

era specific examples

City Street Banners

social media

Throughout each season, we supported the video content and social media team, with templates that could be executed by both the design team and non-designers. In addition to typical events and requirements for each year, we traditionally designed for all outcomes, as my team operated with little notice. Working for an NHL team, means working within a fast paced environment where puck drop really can’t be pushed.

Viaduct Window