Sedin Retirement Week was a complete whirlwind and an absolute team effort. Myself and another designer took ownership of this project, taking on the bulk of the work.

The following features my contributions to the week. As part of that, I was tasked to create the logo that would be used in these celebrations.

The LOgo

Or should I say “the challenge.”

Create a logo that combines the Sedin’s two numbers, 22 & 33; easier said than done, that is for sure. Not to mention, something that has been attempted by far greater designers than myself before. I tried every single possible combination I could imagine. 

In the end the simplest connection was the clear winner. Fitting as although we wanted to represent them together, it was equally important to clearly show them as individuals as well. This is why both numbers were also used on their own when it made sense. 

from the week


Legends Poster

Plaza Signing Wall

Social Media


Delaney Lee



Print Production

Social Media


February 2020


Leah Browne, Art Director

Max Young, Brand Manager

Pouya Peiravi

Kailey Thirlwell

Jaqueline McComb